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Pomace Italian Olive Oil, Santangelo, 5lt

Olive Oil Extra Virgin Italian, 5lt

Ground Black Pepper, Schwartz, 400g

Vanilla Pods, 50 pods

Green Peppercorns, Schwartz, 120g

Mince pies uncooked, 144

Rose Petals Crystallised Flowers, 750ml

Maldon Whole Black Peppercorns, 40g

Cooleeney Family - Ruby Irish Ale Cheese 200g

Gorgonzola Italian Cheese (per kg)

Pecorino Romano Italian Cheese (per kg)

Castlet Rose 12x75cl

Ataj Piemonte Chardonnay 12x75cl

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 6x75cl

Chorizo Sausage Uncooked, 2.5kg

Brie 60%, 3kg, Price per kg

Soy Sauce, Kikkoman, 1lt

Green Curry Paste, Mae ploy, 400g

Basil, Schwartz, 145g

Dibarcafé Supercrema 5 x 1kg

Millimo Spumante Brut 6x75cl

Chorizo Salami, 1.5kg

Truffle Oil Concentrate, L'Aquila, 55ml

White Wine Vinegar, 5lt

Cardamon Pods, 500g

Blended Sesame Oil, Silk Road, 600ml

Cayenne Pepper, Schwartz, 390g

Bay Leaves, Schwartz, 27g

Vanilla Aroma, Bredon, 1lt

Kikkoman Ponzu 1lt.

Chorizo Sliced, 100g vac packed

Wild Boar Terrine with sage, 1kg Castaing

8.5cm Sweet Tartlets Medium, 144 per case

Black Truffle Aroma oil, 1lt

Cinnamon Sticks, 1kg

Green PepperCorn, Schwartz, 120g

Italian Seasoning, Schwartz, 190g

Chives, Schwartz, 23g

Dibarcafé Gran Altura 5 x 1kg

Pesto Basil 1.5 kg Tub

Duck Mousse Castaing, 1kg

Hoi Sin Sauce, Amoy, 482g

Red Curry Paste, Mae ploy, 400g

Dill Weed, Schwartz, 50g

Corvina Genius Loci 6x75cl

Masseo Merlot 6x75cl

Simply Spiced Chai 1ltr.

Chorizo Sarta uxe

Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze 1lt

Duck Terrine with Green Peppercorns, 1kg Castaing

Tomme De Savoie, 2kg

BallyOak, Fivemiletown, 1.7kg, price per kg

11cm Savoury Tartlets Large, 96 per case

Cumin Seeds, 1kg

Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade, 250ml

Whole Cloves, Schwartz, 285g

Herbs de Provence, Schwartz, 130g

Creme Patisserie 5kg Jean Ducourtieux

Masseo Pinot Grigio Blush 6x75cl

Dibarcafé Espresso Capsules x 25

Nico Iberico Sliced Chorizo 300g

Uxe Bacon Lardons 1kg

Bally Oak Small, Fivemiletown, 142g

8.5cm Savoury Tartlets Medium, 144 per case

Fennel Seeds, 1kg

Ground Cumin, Schwartz, 400g

Ground Black Pepper, Schwartz, 400g

Confiletas Small Vol au Vent 55mm x 120 units.

Bardolino Chiaretto Rose 12x75cl

Dibarcafé Decaffeinated Capsules x 25

Toulouse Sausage, 18 per Pack.

Venison Terrine With Juniper Berries1kg Castaing

Mixed Herbs, Schwartz, 100g

Garam Masala, Schwartz, 330g

Orange Water, Samia, 50cl

Solaris Chanmee Green Tea 40 Bags

Confiletas Medium Vol au Vent 75mm x 72 units.

Dibarcafé Espresso Pods x 25

Mini Macarons - frozen, 72 per case

Ground Cinnamon, Schwartz, 390g

Oregano, Schwartz, 150g

Fennel Oil Aromatic, En-Place, 500ml

Cepe Mushroom Flavour or Aroma, 115ml

Dunany Brown Crab Claws 1kg Frozen.

Rose Water, Samia, 50cl

Dibarcafé Decaffeinated Pods x 25

Smoked Duck Breast (hot)

Feta, Taverna, 200g pack

Coffee Aroma, 1lt Bredon

Parsley, Schwartz, 95g

Maldon Organic Whole Black Peppercorns, 40g

Morel Mushroom Flavour or Aroma, 115ml

Bardolino Classico Boscon 6x75cl

Dibarcafé Espresso Ground Roasted x 250g

Smoked Salt, Sel fumé, 380g

Yellow Curry Paste, Mae ploy, 400g

Ground Ginger, Schwartz, 310g

Rosemary, Schwartz, 205g

Pink Peppercorns, Schwartz, 220g

Solaris Berry Fruit Tea 40 Bags

Dibarcafé Whole Bean Decaffeinated x 250g

Sliced Prosciutto Ham, D'Autore, 80g

OakWood Smoked, Fivemiletown, 1.5kg, price per kg

Orange Oil, 500ml

Cepes Dried, Monteil, 500g

Sechuan Peppercorns, 250g

Spaghetti - 12, 1kg

Ground Nutmeg, Schwartz, 435g

Sage, Schwartz, 150g

Dibarcafé Decaffeinated Ground 4 x 250g

Solaris Darjeeliag Tea 40 Bags

Smoked Duck Breast (hot)

Almond Aroma, Sevarome, 500g

Mild Curry Powder, Schwartz, 400g

Oakwood Smoked wedge, Fivemiletown, 142g

Solaris Jasmine Green Tea 40 Bags

Sliced Serrano Ham, 100g

Thyme, Schwartz, 165g

Solaris Camomile Relax Tea 40 Bags

Shitake Dried, Monteil, 500g

Ground Turmeric, Schwartz, 380g

Pleurottes/Oyster Dried, Monteil, 500g

Juniper Berries, Schwartz, 270g

Reblochon, 450g

Sauerkraut, Charles Christ, 4.1kg

Langres, 180g

Balsamic White Dressing, 250ml

Carrigbyrne St Killian, 250g

Lobster Bisque, 800g

Nico Iberico Sliced Chorizo 300g

Cashel Blue, 1.5kg

Cashel Blue, 300g

Escargot 36 Extra Large, 400g, Romanzini

Cassonade, La Perruche, 750g

Chorizo Salami, 1.5kg

Lavender Honey, 500g

Chorizo Sausage Uncooked, 2.5kg

En Place Tonka Beans 100g

Yuzu Juice 100ml

Garlic Croutons, Tipiak, 500g

Salami Milano Powder Coated Approx. 3Kg

Clonakilty Black Pudding 420g per ring

Clonakilty White Pudding 420g per ring

Ibis Speck

Bresaola, Approx. 1.5kg

Mortadella D'Autore Approx 2.5kg

Green Olives in Brine and Aromatic Herbs, 4.3kg

Black Olives Greek Style with Aromatic Herb, 3kg

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