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Cantina di Gambellara

Cantina di Gambellara was founded in 1947 by a group of 26 vine growers and it was the first cooperative winery started in the Vicenza Province. At the beginning the harvest was made by only a few thousands of grapes but year by year it has increased very quickly thanks to a continuous extension of the vineyards and the rising number of the partners. For this reason it was necessary to enlarge the winery and the storage capacity. More than 65 years later, Cantina di Gambellara can stock around 160.000 hl and its average grape production is around 130.000 quintal. Cantina di Gambellara vineyards are located in the center of the most important areas for the DOC wine production such as Soave, Gambellara, Colli Berici and Lessini Durello and Prosecco. Cantina di Gambellara has a storage capacity of 160.000 hl of wine and an average harvest of 130.000 quintal of grapes; our partners are 365, growing around 650 ha of vineyards.

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